Secretlab SKINS
Minecraft Enderman Edition
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Refresh your Secretlab TITAN Evo series with premium gaming chair sleeves.
Secretlab TITAN Evo
Minecraft Creeper Edition
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Award-winning gaming chairs. Research-backed ergonomics for serious performance.

Secretlab x Minecraft

Pickaxes, out! Survive the night, or build your own world with the Secretlab Minecraft Collection. 
Cozy up to the TITAN Evo Minecraft Creeper Edition — then slip on premium gaming chair sleeves inspired by the enigmatic Enderman. No matter where your adventures take you, your Wolf Edition lumbar pillow will always have your back.

Secretlab TITAN Evo Gaming Chair
Minecraft Creeper Edition
Upholstered in Secretlab SoftWeave® Plus Fabric
Available in Regular
Proprietary pebble seat base Magnetic Memory Foam Head Pillow Patent-pending 4-way L-ADAPT™ Lumbar Support System Full-Metal 4D Armrests with CloudSwap™ Replacement System
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Secretlab SKINS

Minecraft Enderman Edition

The world’s first premium chair sleeves
for Secretlab TITAN Evo Series
Secretlab SKINS

Refresh and customize your chair with an array of designs. Precision-mapped to the award-winning Secretlab TITAN Evo Series for an exacting fit and 360° protection. Adapted from our soft and breathable SoftWeave® Plus fabric for all-day comfort.

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Secretlab Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow
Minecraft Wolf Edition
Explore the Overworld, the Nether, and the End as the leader of your own pack.

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